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Ludovic® is a virtual extrusion lab designed for optimizing the corotating twin screw extrusion process. Ludovic® quantifies the material evolution & sensitivity for cutting down on experiments.

Speeding up the TSE Process
Simulations performed with Ludovic® are set in a few minutes with the 4 Tab-Technology. Results are then analyzed in a user-friendly environment.

Applications exemples

  • Wood Fibers Composites (WFC) – Optimizing the mixing efficiency while preserving the fibers characteristics
  • Agro-Food extrusion – Prediction of starchy product degradation during extrusion
  • Performing scale up – Keeping the process efficiency from a pilot line to an industrial plant
  • Model integration in Ludovic® – Glass fibers length prediction along the screw profile
  • Polymer compounding – a case of Polypropylene extrusion – Quantification of the main key areas of the process by Ludovic®
  • Pharmacy applications – Hot Melt Extrusion From lab scale to pilot scale
  • Reactive extrusion – PP Peroxyde-induced degradation. Ludovic® : predicting a complex viscosity evolution
  • Saturated Polyester material Extrusion -Showing the hidden behaviour of a PBT